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Alle auf dieser Internetseite abgebildeten Photos und Inhalte unterliegen meinem persönlichen Urheber- und Nutzungsrecht und sind von mir selbst aufgenommen und verfasst. Jede weitere Nutzung durch Dritte bedarf meiner ausdrücklichen schriftlichen Genehmigung hierzu.

Haftungsausschluss Fremdverlinkung

Ich übernehme keinerlei Haftung für die Inhalte weiterführender Internetseiten und Angebote, die auf diesem Blog von mir verlinkt werden.



3 Replies to “Impressum”

  1. Hi Sandra,
    Am in Bangkok, and so far it’s lovely. My son got me a room at the apartments where he stays. Trip to Krabi was relatively fast in minibus (why it cost 400 baht to get there and 300baht to return is a mystery).
    Hope your stay on Koh Lanta continues to be good and you sort out the bank problems with your card. My son assures me it will be ok.
    Keep in touch.


    • Heya Rahima!
      So happy to hear that you had a good trip to BKK! Enjoy the time there!
      Hehe it figured out that my bank killed my creditcard, because i was little
      over the limit for some 10-14 days 😉 But yesterday i tried to activate all
      peps at home and i hope the money will arrive here until monday – as you can
      figure out Jim is so helpful and said its no problem. After that i will move
      on into a cheaper appartment 🙂

      Have a nice time in Thailand!

      And in case you are responsible for my paid coffees two days ago – THANK YOU! 🙂


  2. Hey Sandra,

    So it got through! I know what you mean about bank accounts. I went to use my currency card but it had less than 1000baht. My son had been using it happily. Luckily my ordinary account worked.
    This morning I had laser treatment on my dark age spots on my face. Bumrundgrad hospital was more like a 5 star hotel and very very efficient. Cost AUD $294 – this would have cost more than $500 in Australia. But must keep out of the sun for a week.
    Enjoying Bangkok. My son has taken me on the BTS and MTR and malls.
    Am resting up with my blotchy face.
    Glad Jimmy is doing right by you.
    Will go to Ban Ampur on the coast in 2 days time

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